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Operations and Maintenance Services 

Response Group is a major service providerto the water and wastewater industry andprovides a comprehensive operation andmaintenance service to both municipaland private sector clients. Projects whichwe have been awarded have been procuredboth by public tender for DBO/O&Mcontracts or by negotiation with privatesector clients. Municipal sector contractshave been managed in compliance withthe recommendations of the PerformanceManagement System developed by theWater Services National Training Group.Preventive maintenance contracts arecarried out for private and public sectorclients.Operation and maintenance contractshave been entered into for periods rangingfrom 1 to 20 years. In general the servicesprovided under these contracts include;

  1. Routine plant operation and maintenance
  2. Scheduled preventive maintenance
  3. Sampling and analysis of influent & effluent
  4. Routine reporting
  5. Optimising and enhancing plantperformance
  6. Disposal of sludge, screenings and grit
  7. Site maintenance
  8. Emergency call-out

O&M Projects Include;

Municipal Water



We help local authorities devise and deliver sustainable water solutions

Industrial &


Industrial & Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment

We work with private companies to meet their diverse operational needs.



Diffused Aeration Systems

We design, fabricate, install and maintain our own range of industry products.

Operations &



We offer complete O&M and optimisation services to clients.




We provide sustainable solutions to manage sludge generated from treatment plants.

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