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Lough Mask RWSS Booster Pumping Station

CLIENT: Mayo County Council

Consulting Engineers:

Tobins Consulting Engineers

Value: €5.5 Million

Plant Capacity: 40,600m3/day

Project Involvement:

Main Contractor, MEP Designer, PSCS, PSDP, M&E Installation

The Brief

The proposed upgrading and refurbishment works at Tourmakeady WTP and the high lift Raw Water Pumping Station at Lough Mask. The proposed Scheme involved the expansion of the Lough Mask Water Treatment Plant from an original design capacity of 27,300m3/day to a design capacity of 40,600m3/day.


Drinking Water Standard

The treated water quality shall comply at all times with the standards and requirements of S.I. No. 439 of 2000 and the 2007 Drinking Water Regulations.


Raw water is abstracted from Lough Mask at a point north of Tourmakeady and pumped through a 2,400m long 600mm Ø Ductile Iron Rising Main to the elevated Balancing Tanks at Tourmakeady Water Treatment Plant and flows from there through the Water Treatment Plant. In order to upgrade the headworks on the Lough Mask Regional Water Supply Scheme, from the existing design capacity of 27,300m³/day to a new design capacity of 40,600m³/day, Response carried out the following works

  • Refurbishment of the existing pumping station at Lough Mask.
  • New rising main from the existing pumping station to the existing raw water Balancing Tanks at the Tourmakeady Treatment Plant.(600mm Ø)


Pumping Station and Intake Works:

  • Intake screening at Lough Mask (56,000m3/day)
  • Pumping equipment.
  • Pipework and valves. 
  • Surge protection equipment. 
  • Valve Chambers/Flowmeters

Additional Project Information

New Settlement Tank & Upgrade Works

The new settlement tank in conjunction with the two existing settlement tanks was constructed capable of treating the total design flow of 40,600m³/day. This equates to a flow of 156.6l/sec through each of the three tanks. The settlement tank constructed incorporates

  • A lamella plate system. 
  • Complete inlet distribution system including the raw water inlet laterals; 
  • Complete clarified water collection system; 
  • Access bridges / platforms 
  • Pumps, Pipework, Valves

Rapid Gravity Filter Units

Four new rapid gravity filter units (6,480m3/hr each) (28m2 each) were constructed as part of this contract along with the upgrading of the 4 existing filters (3,670m3 each) to achieve the required flow. The new filters incorporate a combined air and water washing system.

Sludge Handling Facilities

The existing sludge handling and treatment facilities were upgraded at theTourmakeady Water Treatment Plant site for dewatering of the process sludge’s from the additional settlement tank sludge bleeds and filter washwater.

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