Limerick City Council
  • Main Drainage Scheme
  • 20 year Operation & Maintenance Contract from 2010
  • Population Equivalent: 130,000 PE
  • Works comprises of WWTW, Sludge Drying Facility & 10 No. Pumping Stations
  • EPA Licenced Landfill (2500 tonnes/annum)

Limerick City Council sought public tenders for a long term (20 year) contract to operate and maintain the major assets of the Limerick Main Drainage Scheme including:

  • Bunlickey WWTP (PE 130,000)
  • Bunlickey Sludge Treatment
  • Corcanree Main PS (1.85m3/s)
  • 9 Satellite PS s (15 to 700l/s)
  • All Rising Mains in the System
  • All Sewers > 900mm

The Contract requires compliance with a Performance Management System based on the WSNTG model.


As Service Provider we manage a treatment facility which includes an inlet works with automatic screening and vortex grit removal. Primary settlement is followed by diffused aeration and secondary clarification. Storm tanks are provided. The sludge treatment centre treats locally generated and imported sludges. Treatment includes PFTs, gravity belt and centrifuge dewatering, and final treatment by thermal drying. We are responsible for providing sustainable bio-solids re-use outlets for the duration of the contract.

On completion of the contract a fully maintained and properly functioning facility must be handed back to the client. We are also responsible for the maintenance and operation of all PS s and rising mains within the system. Maintenance of all sewers from 900 to 2820 mm dia. Is our responsibility.

  • Wastewater Pumping
  • Inlet Screening/Disposal
  • Grit Removal./Disposal
  • Storm-water Holding
  • Primary Settlement
  • FBDA Aeration
  • Secondary settlement
  • Sludge Reception Centre
  • Sludge Blending
  • Sludge Thickening
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Sludge Thermal Drying
  • Bio-solids Disposal
  • Odour Control
  • Influent Sampling/Analysis


  • BOD : 25 mg/l
  • COD : 125mg/l
  • SS : 35mg/l
  • NH3 : 20mg/l


  • Faecal Coli<1000MPN/gDS
  • Salmonella< 3MPN/gDS

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