Wexford County Council
  • Design / Build / Operate Contract
  • 20 yr Operation & Maitnenance Contract
  • Population Equivalent 6500
  • 2 No. Treatment Streams incorporating Aerator Wheel (STM), Clarifier
  • On-site Sludge Thickening & Dewatering
  • Odour Control
  • Capital Works €2.85million

Response Engineering were awarded the contract by Wexford Co. Co. to design, build and operate a new wastewater treatment works at Bunclody. Response Engineering led the contract and fulfilled the roles of PSDP and PSCS. The civil worls element of the works was carried out by Ward & Burke Construction Ltd. Response Engineering were also appointed as service provider for an operation and maintenance contract which will run for 20 years. The design population equivalent for the plant was 6,500.


Response Engineering designed, procured and installed all process plant for the works which includes a dual secondary treatment process. Aeration is cchieved by means of 2 no. Aerator Wheels rotating in each tank. The Aerator Wheels are a highly efficient method of aeration and consume up to 40% less energy than conventional systems.

The Inlet Works comprises of an ACE screening system which requires no washwater and thus reduces the whole life costs of the plant.
Sludge is thickened and dewatered by belt Press to 15% DS

A pumping station and stormwater storage tank was constructed in the town of Bunclody to deliver effluent to the new treatment facility. The contract also included the construction of rising main between the treatment plant and PS sites.

  • Wastewater Pumping
  • Screening/Grit Removal
  • Stormwater Holding
  • Aerator Wheel Aeration
  • Final Clarifiers
  • Sludge Thickening/Dewatering
  • Odour Control



  • BOD : 25mg/l
  • COD : 125 mg/l
  • SS : 35 mg/l


  • Dry solids content : >15%


  • Odour : 3 OU/m3 (Boundary)
  • Noise : 45dBA


Response Engineering operate and maintain the WWTW under a 20 year O & M contract in compliance with the performance management system set out in the contract. The O&M contract includes the following:

  • Full time plant operation
  • Routine maintenance and call out
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Optimisation of plant performance
  • Recording and reporting
  • Biosolids Disposal
  • Facilities Management

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