We are Response. Water matters to us.

Response Group is a leading provider of expert solutions to the water and wastewater treatment industry in Ireland and the UK. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering a wide range of projects in the industrial, municipal, pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beverage sectors. Response constantly strives to deliver better, more innovative, lower carbon, value driven solutions for our clients. Response always seeks out the latest technologies and software advancements to deliver superior solutions. To achieve this we now incorporate the latest 3D Design and BIM in our projects, we include smart technologies and integrated software in our built solutions and we manufacture offsite to reduce cost and inefficiencies. Response Group currently operates more than 70 treatment plants and pumping stations around Ireland from our Head Office in Cork. In the UK we operate in partnership with Barhale plc through our joint venture Barhale-Response Ltd based in Liphook, Hampshire.

Municipal Water



We help local authorities devise and deliver sustainable water solutions

Industrial &


Industrial & Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment

We work with private companies to meet their diverse operational needs.



Diffused Aeration Systems

We design, fabricate, install and maintain our own range of industry products.

Operations &



We offer complete O&M and optimisation services to clients.




We provide sustainable solutions to manage sludge generated from treatment plants.